MBA Courses

My MBA teaching focuses on technology marketing and product management. I teach two MBA electives that I have created from scratch. In my Technology Marketing course, I focus on the strategic marketing decisions for technology-intensive companies for inbound marketing as well as outbound marketing. In my Product Management course, I focus on developing, delivering and managing products as a business.

Technology Marketing

This is a strategic marketing course focused on the end-to-end marketing processes in technology companies. The course covers the future of marketing in a digital world, customer insight tools, data-driven customer segmentation, demand forecasting, product development, marketing communication, brand storytelling, solutions marketing and platform strategy for technology companies. The course includes a contemporary strategy simulation game called DigiStrat that teaches students how to make strategic decisions in the fast-paced market for digital services (voice, data and video).

Product Management for Technology Companies

This course equips students with the frameworks, tools and applications to become effective product managers. The course focuses equally on product management in technology startup firms and product management in large technology firms. The course provides students with a deep understanding of the role of product management in a technology company and the responsibilities of product managers in various contexts, considering product characteristics, industry, firm size and market maturity. Students learn how to analyze product opportunities, conduct product discovery, manage agile product development processes, design the business model for a product, develop a go-to-market plan for a product, manage partnerships and manage products as an ongoing business. Students gain hands-on experience via exercises and targeted cases developed specifically for this course.