Product Management for Technology Companies

This course equips students with the frameworks, tools and applications to become effective product managers. The course focuses equally on product management in technology startup firms and product management in large technology firms.  The course provides students with a deep understanding of the role of product management in a technology company and the responsibilities of product managers in various contexts, considering product characteristics, industry, firm size and market maturity.  Students learn how to analyze product opportunities, conduct product discovery, manage agile product development processes, design the business model for a product, develop a go-to-market plan for a product, manage partnerships and manage products as an ongoing business. Students gain hands-on experience via exercises and targeted cases developed specifically for this course.

Marketing in a Digital World

This course focuses on the strategy and execution of digital marketing strategies. The course begins with an overview of the impact of digital technologies and artificial intelligence on customer behavior and marketing strategies. Students learn how to generate customer insights, create a targeted content strategy, execute digital marketing campaigns and optimize the return on investment in digital marketing initiatives.

TechVenture India

This course focuses on technology trends and entrepreneurship in emerging markets. The course combines classroom sessions, a week-long field study trip and a research project to provide students with the concepts as well as real-world experience with emerging technologies and entrepreneurship opportunities in emerging markets like India.  The course begins with an overview of technology ecosystems and how they are developing differently in India versus Silicon Valley. The course will then dive deep into key technologies like Mobile Technologies, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, with a special focus on how these technology trends and themes are playing out in emerging markets like India.  The class sessions consist of a mix of lectures and guest sessions from practitioners and academics. The field trip includes visits to large Indian technology companies, multinational technology companies, technology startup companies and government organizations. Student teams choose a research topic of their choice related to technology trends in emerging markets and will be required to produce a publishable-quality white paper on their chosen topic.